FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Some questions first-time users ask about c@r. If you don’t get the right answers, drop a line, we’ll help you out.


Who on earth did the translations for the menu’s?

You seem to be in a better position to sniff out the mistakes. Let us know about English, Flemish, Chinese, Arabic, Portuguese and Spanish! If you have really funny colloquial expressions, we’ll love to integrate those into the menu’s. We’ll be eternally thank- and laughful and you just made the world a better place with one little mail!

I have a great idea for c@r. Can I tell you about it?

We love to hear your great idea and we’ll give you credit if we make that change you suggest!

I can’t find the answer to my question. What do I do?

You contact us and you ask us your question. If it’s a great question, we’ll add it to the list!

How can c@r be free?

Because it has ads.

Woah! So I can send messages and make videocalls with anyone I want?

At your sole responsibility.

You can be blocked and reported, if you misbehave.


Can other drivers see me?

Sure, if you want to show up on the live map, you can allow the app to show your location.

How do I do it?

First you buy a handsfree smartphone holder and you install it in your car, according to instructions. Yes, I have to repeat that.

Open c@r and tap on the Settings-tile. Set at least your licence plate registration number as your username. If you don’t like that, put a name on your car and use that as your username.

Why would I need that?

A list of uses of c@r.

  1. You get a message that you’ve let your lights on.
  2. You send a message that someone’s valuable things are exposed in the car.
  3. You get a message that your car is blocking the way for a fire brigade.
  4. You make a direct call to ask to move the car, before the tow service will be called.
  5. You get a message that they have found your lost child, because it’s picture was posted to everyone on the road, helping you out.
  6. You make a videocall with the person next to you in traffic. This could be the beginning of a beautiful friendship!
  7. You get a message about something that will soon fall off your car, if you don’t fix it. A bike, for instance.
  8. You saw that mesmerizing person sign to you. Time to make that call!
  9. You are in a deserted area and you ask for help from the nearest person via the Live Map. c@r can actually save lives.
  10. You help a learning car driver manoeuver via (video)call. For instance.
  11. You stay connected with your people on the road. Group travel!
  12. You can contact people from all over the world! It’s going to be crazy!
  13. You can setup your profile page with pictures and everything.
  14. You can stay anonymous in traffic: just an indentifier will do. You can also choose to remain publicly unseen.
  15. You can receive a warning that criminals are hanging around your car.
  16. You can thank someone.

What is c@r?

c@r is a (video)call and texting app for car drivers. They can look up a licence plate and make (video)calls and send texts, photos, sound, video, and files to other drivers.


Some questions first-time users ask about c@r. If you don’t get the right answers, drop a line, we’ll help you out.




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The c@r app is a simple, yet genious car-to-car conversation tool based on your licence plate.

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