Stefan Detrez — May 9, 2020

Coming soon!

Stefan Detrez — June 16, 2019

A message from the guy behind c@r

Stefan Detrez — March 2, 2019

So, where is the new c@r?

Stefan Detrez — March 1, 2019

Vroom…vroom: getting ready for launch!

Stefan Detrez — January 29, 2019

A brand new c@r for everybody

Stefan Detrez — January 21, 2019

The c@r app was a winner of the 2018 Apps from Antwerp Contest





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About c@r

The c@r app is a simple, yet genious car-to-car conversation tool based on your licence plate.

c@r HQ

De Bosschaertstraat 304
2020 Antwerpen
HRA: BE0691.697.694

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Coming soon!

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